Join our exciting adventure

Rhodes Knight Walk is an exciting activity, designed to entertain and amuse you.

We offer you a dive into Rhodes medieval history in the most fun and innovative way.

Darkness gathers and night falls, welcome to the Middle Ages. Follow our betrusted squire and his companions on their passage through Medieval Rhodes, as he leads you to safety from the dangers raging outside the city walls. Hear his stories and tales, uncover secrets, be a part of history.

  • Who were the Knights of Rhodes?

  • How was life in the Middle Ages?

  • What did you do if you got the plague?

Join us in an hour of adventure, drama, laughs and mystery and perhaps some shivers down your spine.

Do you have what it takes to survive the Middle Ages?

Duration and Information:

This activity is estimated to take approximately 60 minutes.

It is offered both in English and Swedish.

Our complete program and time schedule can be found under Book Tickets

Schedule for July 2019:


Tuesday      02/7 20.45              

Thursday     04/7 20.45              

Tuesday      09/7 20.45

Thursday     11/7 20.45

Thursday     18/7 20.45    

Tuesday      23/7 20.45

Thursday     25/7 20.45

Tuesday      30/7 20.45


Friday   05/7 20.45

Friday    12/7 20.45

Tuesday  16/7 20.45

Friday      19/7 20.45     

Friday      26/7 20.45

Price: 20€ 

Children under the age of 6 are not allowed on this activity.

Price may vary when purchased through supplier other than our website.

Take a break from the sea, sun and shopping. Feel the medieval spirit rushing trough your veins and travel with us back in time. Welcome to Rhodes Knight Walk!

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