Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this activity take?

The scheduled time is approximately 60 minutes and the distance is around 1.2km. Time could be affected by unexpected things lurking in the dark.

Can I attend with a stroller, wheelchair or a walker?

Am I insured during the event?

You are in control of what kind of travel insurance you have. We provide no insurance of our own for you at this event. Flip flops or high heels are not suitable for this activity.Whether you stumble and twist your foot, fall into a pit, get hit by an arrow or poisoned by a witch, if you catch the plague or lose your speech due to all the horrors taking place in the Middle Ages, we take no responsibility for any of the above.

Since we walk through gravel, pebbles and a steep stair without railing, such modern aids are not suitable for this activity.

I'm on crutches. Can I participate?

If you are able to walk on your crutches without the opportunity to sit and rest and are able to keep our pace, you are welcome.

Are there similar activities in Rhodes?

How does this event differ from a tour?

Rhodes Knight Walk is a kind of entertainment that combines theatre, storytelling and crowd interaction, a dramatized adventure where you enter another era in time. Our mission is to keep your life intact on this journey through time, as we bump into different dangers along the way.Our purpose is pure entertainment. 

Not that we are aware of. Our activity is unique in its form.

What happens if it rains?

It can rain occasionally in Rhodes in May and October but we perform regardless weather. If you suspect rain bring an umbrella and wear proper shoes.

Is there access to toilets?

Unfortunately there were no such modernities in the Middle Ages. We have no potties placed along the way or someone could be aiming an arrow at your butt. Make your visit to the toilets well in advance before start. Toilets are located between the tourist information office and the small petrol station just around the corner from our starting point at the Mandraki taxi rank.

What happens if I am late?

A little too late is way too late. We start at a specific time and we can't wait for you. Do not count on being able to find us if we have left, as we will literally have disappeared into the darkness. We appreciate if you can be at the starting point around 15 minutes before the starting time, as all participants needs to pay and be ticked according to the booking list.

Is the content of Rhodes

Knight Walk historically accurate?

We are inspired by Rhodes medieval history, but things you hear during the show do not necessarily need to be historically correct or facts. This adventure is designed to entertain rather than educate.

Can we photograph or film during the show?

Absolutely. We love getting photographed, not to say if you tag us on social media. #rhodesknightwalk

Is this activity suitable for


If your child is 6 years of age or older. We tell stories about war, violence and superstitions, and may use sound effects and props. Your children are not under any circumstances allowed to run around by themselves. Minors need to be 13 years old to be able to attend Rhodes Knight Walk without being acompanied by an adult. 

How do I pay for my ticket?

You pay at starting point,so keep your booking confirmation, cash or card handy at arrival. Prices may vary when purchased through supplier other than our website.

Can parts of the show be perceived as offensive?

If you are an ancestor of a Knight or an Ottoman, you are not to take responsibility for their deeds. Since we are traveling 500 years back in time you can not expect a modern or demorcatic approach. The Middle Ages are called the Dark Ages where the value of individuals weren't much of existence and the language used can partly be adjusted to that enviroment.

What do I need to bring with me?

Comfortable shoes, cheerful mood, money for your tickets and your booking reference with your name or confirmation e-mail on your smartphone.

Can I drink alcohol before this activity?

We don't do alcotests and there was no such thing in the Middle Ages either. Though, other participants may not appreciate if you are loud, babbling and can't focus on the entertainment. Additionally to protect you from twisting an ankle in the dark, we will dismiss you before start if you are drunk.

Can I give feedback To Rhodes Knight Walk?

We are delighted when you give us a positive comment on TripAdvisor if you have survived this journey through time, had a blast or simply want to share your experience! If you are of another opinion we are happy to receive your feedback via e-mail.

Starting point and End point

Our starting point is at the central taxi station in Mandraki. 

Look for a mysterious hooded figure in a cloak carrying a black flag, or other weird figures.

Ending position of the tour is at Argyrokastrou Square, 250 meters from the starting point. See map: