About us

Who are we?

We are a creative team that loves excitement and adventure. Inspired by our hometown Rhodes medieval history, we designed this adventure to take you back in time. 

What makes us unique?

Rhodes Knight Walk combines elements of street theater, storytelling and crowd interaction. It is a dramatized experience, a journey through time where you together with our squire and his companions discover the medieval dangers. It's a macabre adventure that combine facts with myths and fantasy, giving you both laughter and fright.


We throw you into stories of war and invincible Knights, tales of courage and bravery as well as the raging plague.

We want to remind you that this is a dramatized walk, not a traditional tour.

Rhodes Knight with sword, Hospitaller, tour adventure history
Rhodes Knight with sword, Hospitaller, tour adventure history

Why are we doing this?

We want to offer a different kind of entertainment for both young and old visitors of this stunning island, an activity that gives you a moment of freedom from all that buzzes in the modern society.

Our goal is to provide both laughter and goosebumps and good memories from your vacation in Rhodes. 

We strongly believe that this kind of alternative entertainment has been missing from the island and we are proud to present Rhodes Knight Walk.